Charlie Hawe Perpetual Memorial Cup

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25th May 2016
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31st May 2016

Charlie Hawe Perpetual Memorial Cup

This weekend we are hosting the Charlie Hawe Memorial Cup.

This cup was presented to us, by his family. Charlie’s family wanted to honour his memory because of all the people he helped take up the game of golf.

Charlie was a member from 1946. He was the first winner of the Novice Cup in 1948. Charlie was elected Captain in 1963 and he was Charleville Golf Clubs President in 1975.

He was one of the finest ball strikers we ever had in the club. Back, when the club had no professional, members were referred to Charlie to sort out their game. He was also renowned for giving lessons, especially to beginners, these took place either in the rough of the 17th hole or right hand rough of 18th hole. Charlie and James A Murphy ran efficient time sheets in those days.

Charlie was ever present on Captains Days and Presidents Days for a long number of years.

We wish everyone good golfing and an enjoyable round.