Men’s Results

23rd May 2024

Mens Seniors 22/5

1st Ger MAdigan, John O Brien, Kieran Rablah 60.6 2nd Jackie McCarthy, Jack Morris, Liam Savage 62.6 3rd MCartin McDonnell, Moss Fitzgibbon, Mick Walsh 63.1
21st May 2024

Weekend Results 18th/19th May

Junior Scratch Cup (Kindly Sponsored by Cavanagh’s of Charleville)1st Michael Bowles (7.9)  73   CB2nd Brian Tabb (2.5) (Lee Valley GC) 73 Nett Timoid Gilbourne (8.9)  67 Intermediate Scratch Cup  (Kindly Sponsored by Cavanagh’s of Charleville)1st  Ian Curtin (11.2)  80  2nd Tony Duncan (10.7) (Cobh GC)  81Nett John Hartigan (15.7) 66 Scrubber’s Cup Results  (Kindly Sponsored by Cavanagh’s of Charleville)1st  Michael Hawe (22.7)  […]
16th May 2024

Mens Seniors Wed 15/5

1st Tony Feehan, Jackie Mccarthy, Mick Walsh 93 Pts 2nd Johnny Neehan, Martin Mcdonnell, Frank Maher 92 Pts C/B
9th May 2024

Mens Seniors Wednesday 8th May

1st Tom McCarthy, Kevin Cagney, Tony Fehin 51.6 2nd Mick Walsh, Johnny Neenan, Mick Irwin 53.3
8th May 2024

March Cup & 3 Ball Scramble Results Weekend 4th-6th May

March Cup Results Overall Winner James Guina (20.5) 39 points CB Best Gross Jamie Moloney (4.0) 71 39 points Category 1 (Handicap Indexes up to 16.7)1st Eoin Coughlan (5.5) 39 points CB Category 2 (Handicap Indexes 16.8 and above)1st Kevin Fitzgibbon (20.6) 39 points 3 Ball Scramble Results 1st Aidan Danaher, John P Collins & James Guina 57.16 CB2nd Anthony […]
2nd May 2024

Mens Seniors 1/5/24

1st Liam Murphy, John Joe Buckley, Mike Hehir, 86 Pts 2nd DJ Hourigan, Mike Irwin, Denis O Riordan, Mike Moloney 85 Pts C/B