Hopefully as you are aware the new World Handicap System (WHS) is coming into effect from the 02nd of November this year. This is a significant change to the handicap system and means that your handicap will now be based on a average of your best 8 cards out of your last 20 going back up to 3 years. For members with less cards than that there is a sliding scale – for example for 12 cards it will be an average of your lowest four and if you have no cards your handicap will be unchanged.


The handicap committee will be conducting a full review of all handicaps throughout the month of November as part of the annual handicap review process and also to look at any anomalies in the new system with a view to having all handicaps updated and accurate by the end of November.


There is a lot of new terminology in the new system like handicap index, playing handicap etc. but we will send further communications throughout the month to update members on this. Any questions feel free to email them to the club on info@charlevillegolf.com.


Many thanks,


Claude Keane Handicap Sec and Charleville GC Handicap Committee