Winter League and Competition Update


Results of the Winter League qualifiers are now posted on the notice boards, in the club foyer and on our website.  All teams in the cup & shield are required to play 9 hole (front 9) stapleford with 3 best score of their 5 cards to count, the top 2 teams in the respective cup & shield will play off in the finals.

Players are allowed to play any day between now and Sunday 15th March, please do so ASAP as the weather can be very unaccommodating at this time of year.




We will again be running a Golfer Of The Year (GOY) competition and the scoring will be based on your finishing position in the cup competitions,( Stroke and Stapleford) formats, Presidents Prize and Captains Prize.  Winner will score 20pts, 2nd 19pts, 3rd 18pts tapering down to 20th place and ties who will receive 1 pt.  The winners of the Captains Prize and Presidents Prize will be allocated 5 additional points, 2nd 3 additional points and 3rd 2 additional points.  The golfer with the most accumulated points after completion of all events will be G.O.Y.  A score sheet will be posted after each competition showing golfers position.




The Team Captains are now wishing to receive names for the Bruen, Purcell and Perry (Snrs) panels.  Please put your name on the sheets in the Mens Locker Rooms as soon as possible as the Captains intend to run practice sessions soon.  After last years phenomenal success I’m sure there will be a good turnout for all the teams panels.

Gay McEvoy