Message From The President ( Helen O’Mahony)

Charleville Golf Club

Hoping you have all settled into 2021 with some hope and enthusiasm for a better and brighter year ahead, than the one we have left behind us. How life and the way we live and interact with each other has changed so dramatically for all of us in such a short space of time, because of an invisible enemy which we have all become accustomed to know as the dreaded Covid 19 Pandemic.

While the virus is causing mayhem at the present time and cases having risen exponentially, let there be no doubt that the next few weeks and maybe months will be incredibly challenging for everyone and so we must all play our part to help succumb the spread of the virus by obeying and adhering to the rules of the level 5 restrictions currently in situ. By doing so, we will be supporting and acknowledging the huge sacrifices which our healthcare and frontline workers have made by putting their own lives at risk to help save the incredibly sick and vulnerable.

I am the proud mother of an extremely brave Nurse who’s currently dealing with severely ill Covid patients. She describes the Covid situation as gravely serious at the present time and causing overwhelming grief and devastation for all involved. It’s therefore quite clear that we all have a vital role to play it trying to suppress it.Thankfully to date she has received part one of the vaccine with part two to follow shortly, and I can honestly say as her mother, that it’s a huge comfort and relief for her family.

While we are all tired and frustrated with restrictions and lockdowns, lets focus on the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which is of course the roll out of the vaccine. Hopefully the up take on it will be healthy. Let this be a boost to our moral.

Needless to say, that in the meantime, we must accept the fact that we may not get to play golf for some time yet, but let’s view that with positivity in the knowledge that we are getting closer to the day when we will do so again, and that will be a day of great joy and hope for all of us in time to come.

I can assure you all that the Committee of Management and the Lotto Syndicate Sub Committee are at work behind the scenes regardless of being closed for golf.
Traditionally, these are the quite weeks within our Club both financially and golf wise, and it’s the time of year for annual membership renewals which will be so vital for the financial wellbeing of the Club, particularly this year. I sincerely appeal to all members to stay on board with us as your Club needs you, and hopefully when we are given the go ahead for Golf again, that we all fully embrace it and enjoy the huge benefits both physically and mentally which we will derive from it, and get to have a successful year for Charleville Golf Club. Until then, keep in contact with your golf mates by phone and may you and your families continue to stay safe and well.

Helen O’Mahony